The First Class

The iFace case features shock absorbing protection, a wavy design for comfort, and a confident fit and feel. The First class case truly is first class in that you can rest assured that it will give your phone the protection that it needs.

Sturdy Grip and Comfortable Feel

The First Class phone case is distinctly designed to fit in the palm of the hand of your average person. The case is also sturdy so that you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.

A Wide Array of Colors

Show your personal style and personality. The First Class case is as unique as you are. Currently available in 11, unique colors.

Military Grade Protective Case

Our First Class cases were designed to meet or exceed the standard of the U.S. MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Shock Test. Military strong for the average person. First Class provides “drop shock protection” from up to 4 feet from the ground.

Entire Body Protection

Protection from all sides. Whichever side your phone falls on, the First Class case will protect your phone whether it falls on the edge, corner, or side.

Unique Feature

First Class contains a metal plate mounted directly to the case itself, which is the first in its kind. Keep scrolling to find out what this little metal plate can do.

Instant Mount! First Class + Car Mount

Using the embedded metal plate, the case can be instantly mounted to an optional, magnetic car mount. Use your phone hands free, use your cell for GPS, or even play movies for your family. The metal plate allows you to do this.

9.3 Million Cases Sold worldwide

You can trust the iFace First Class case with over 9.3 million cases already sold worldwide, with popularity in Japan, Korea, and beyond. A brand that is established that you can count on.

Sturdy Grip and Comfortable Feel

Even when you are not holding your cell phone, your First Class case always gently wraps around it. When you can’t directly protect your phone, your case will be there keeping it safe.

Elaborate Design

Specially designed Honeycomb Structure absorbs shock from any accident falls.


Face it. Your Phone Deserves Better.

Infinite Possibilities

Still need more opportunities to express yourself? iFace First Class also comes in Metallic colors!

Introducing New Texture, iFace Sense

We’ve made a special process of combining polycarbonate with matte texture finish to provide fingerprint resistant surfaces. The case surface is always smooth.

Engage Your Softer Side

New pastel colors are available as well. We’ve developed these softer tones just for the pastel lovers. More ways to make your phone case truly your own.

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