The Sensation

Discover the best grip performance.

Sturdy Grip and Comfortable Feel

The Sensation has achieved an edgy, grip performance that you cannot get your hands off of once you hold it. It is a case designed specifically to fit a person’s hands.

A Wide Array of Colors

Show your personal style and personality. The Sensation case is as unique as you are. Currently available in 14, unique colors.

Insane Protection

The Sensation is made out of energy absorbent case material. You can trust that if you drop your phone, that it will absorb the shock.

360-Degree Protection

Protection from all sides. Whichever side your phone falls on, the Sensation case will protect your phone whether it falls on the edge, corner, or side.


iFace is always pushing it to the limit with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions.

Double Injection Design

The Sensation case has achieved the perfect protection performance with double injection design, in which the material of TPU and PC is utilized.

The iFace Series

You can trust the iFace Sensation case with over 9.3 million cases already sold worldwide, with popularity in Japan, Korea, and beyond. A brand that is established that you can count on.

Life with a Smart Phone

A smart phone case is essential in your daily life; our case gently holds your smart phone just as safely as your own hands.

An Elaborate Design

Specially designed Honeycomb Structure absorbs shock from any accident falls.


Face it. Your Phone Deserves Better.

Immense possibilities

Need an opportunity to express yourself? iFace Sensation also comes in Metallic colors! Express your personality.

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