Beauty Meets Toughness 

Say goodbye to scratches, cracks, and other damage leading to costly repairs every time you let your phone take a tumble, and say hello to the peace of mind of knowing your phone's always protected.

Employing a scratch-resistant tempered glass backing and a curved rubberized TPU edge featuring a raised bezel to protect your screen and extra reinforcement at the corners - the most frequent point of impact and one of the most vulnerable spots on your phone - the iFace First Reflection clear case provides virtually impenetrable, military-grade defense for your phone - all in a slim, sleek, and ultra-stylish package.

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Upgrade to First Class

Featuring our signature low-profile curved design for a secure, natural grip and a look that stands out in the crowd, the iFace First Class series hard case is the best in its class in both style and performance.

Raised bevel edges ensure your phone’s screen remains pristine through every drop, spill, and tumble you put it through. The air-cushioned honeycomb interior and reinforced bumper add even more impact protection - all in a smooth, streamlined, and stylish profile that won’t add unwanted bulk so your phone stays looking as good as the day you took it out of the box.

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