iFace Glaston for iPhone 12 mini

SKU: 611-849802-US

Color: Retba
Sale price$24.99


  • Glossy, mirrored, iridescent finish with a hologram effect that changes appearance with movement and light and creates a unique look with each color of phone.
  • Shock Resistant - Strong, non-yellowing TPU bumper enhances grip, cushions phone against impact, and adds a touch of sparkle
  • Personalizable - Perfect for showcasing photos, stickers, and other decorations
  • Low bulk, high fashion: Durable, multi layer drop protection in a simple, elegant one-piece design
  • Wireless Charging Compatible - Compatible with QI Standard wireless charging pads
  • Five colors to choose from Atitlan (Blue-Green/Aqua), Retba (Coral/Pink), Perla Purple (Lavender), Perla Blue (Sky Blue), Perla Pink (Light Pink)

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