Joy ToY!

Glaston ToY

When you need a little extra pop!

Stand out from the crowd with unique iFace designs for your smartphone case.

What's your style?

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Give a subtle sparkle to your smartphone.

Add a little bit of glitz and glam to your phone case with these shiny side details.

Protection you cannot miss

Our highly durable material protects your smartphone from damage, drops, and more.

Our functional design

camera step design

The rear camera does not touch the ground to prevent scratches

screen step design

Front screen does not touch the ground to prevent scratches

button feeling

Easy and natural button feel with inner round protrusion and straight separation line

wireless charging

NFC function can be used with the case attached

We encourage you to take the road you've never taken. Try something you've never done before. Explore the unknown daily with the warm feeling of being safe. We will always protect you. We are iFace.

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