and Snug

Grip On

Keep your AirPods cozy and colorful with our everyday case.

Natural grip

and a perfect fit

Our lightweight silicone material provides

grip and protection in one slim package.

Clean and free from scratches

With our case, your AirPods will stay safe from shock, scratches, and dust.

Choose from a variety of colors.

Pick your AirPod case to match your phone, outfit, or aesthetic. You can even change it up depending on your mood or taste.

Day by day

A soft grip that's comfortable for everyday use.

Our functional design

wireless charging

Wired/wireless charging possible without removing the case

charging part dust cover

Prevents ingress of dust and foreign matter


Easily and simply connect wherever you want

We encourage you to take the road you've never taken. Try something you've never done before. Explore the unknown daily with the warm feeling of being safe. We will always protect you. We are iFace.

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