Vibrant colors to fit every style and every phone.

Vivid red, happy yellow, or sweet pink.

What's your Floaty style?

Deep Red

Was your favorite Power Ranger the red one? Maybe you loved your red Legos or only ate the red M&M's. Whatever the reason, we've got a nostalgic, bold red that's just right for you.

Check Point!

Our Floaty smartphone case stands the test of time.

Even if you're a little rough with your phone, you can trust Floaty to keep it free from scratches and damage.

Light Yellow

A happy mood, the morning sun, or spring flowers. Bring a little joy to your day with our Light Yellow phone case.

Check Point!

Curved for your comfort.

Floaty's curved design gives you a better grip and stability. Watch videos for hours, take better selfies, and reduce those devastating drops.


As sweet as you are!
We're tickled pink with this fruity, fresh smartphone case.

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A rainbow of colors

Refreshing blues, deep purple, or clean white. Pick your favorite color and show off your style.

Marine Blue

Like a cool glass of lemonade under a palm tree, take a deep dive into our take on Marine Blue.

Check Point!

Phones change & Floaty's design adapts

We know your camera lens is one of the most important parts of your smartphone, so we make sure it's protected. Our design rises slightly around the camera to keep it protected without obstructing the view.

It's Floaty!

First Class Floaty

for iPhone 13 series