The Transparent


Love Apple's Design? So do we!

Transparency with no limitations

Maintain the beauty and simplicity of Apple's iPhone design while keeping your phone free from scratches.

Seamless design

Our clear iPhone case is anything but flimsy. We've designed it using both TPU and PC materials giving a seamless look and a sturdy feel.


Known for minimizing scratches and external impact


Excellent for elasticity and durability

Long-lasting clarity

Our transparent iPhone case fits snuggly to prevent any bubbling or yellowing of the case.

See things for what they are

Match any style or vibe with Pellucid's transparent iPhone case.

Do it your way!

A clear smartphone case leaves open a world of possibilities. Keep it simple or decorate it with stickers, photos, quotes, and more. Change it up depending on the season, your style, or the occasion.

Our functional design

step design

The rear camera and front screen do not touch the ground to prevent scratches

soft button feel

Easy and natural button feel with inner round protrusion and straight separation line

wireless charging

NFC function can be used with the case attached

We encourage you to take the road you've never taken. Try something you've never done before. Explore the unknown daily with the warm feeling of being safe. We will always protect you. We are iFace.

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