Classic for a Reason


Embrace Simplicity

Let your Galaxy colors shine with Pellucid.

Show off to your heart's content

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Travel to new places.

Walk on the beach, gaze at the sky and enjoy the moment.

Take in the beauty around you and share it with your friends.

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Seamless design

combines and connects

different materials smoothly.

The two hybrid materials that make up Pellucid protect your Galaxy from unexpected impacts.


No more hiding

Show Galaxy design colors as they are.

Enjoy long-lasting clarity with minimal yellowing.

A phone as unique as you are

Add personal touches.

Memories you cherish on the back of the case, colorful stickers, photos, etc.

DIY your one-of-a-kind phone with things you want to keep.


Our functional design


Secure edge design

Designed to prevent scratches if screen or camera touches the ground


Bubbling prevention

No issue with case sticking to the device


Gentle push

Precise design for a soft button feel


Wireless charging

Wireless charging and NFC compatible (for contactless payments

We encourage you to take the road you've never taken. Try something you've never done before. Explore the unknown daily with the warm feeling of being safe. We will always protect you. We are iFace.

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